The contraption can produce 3D objects using instructions that are fed to the machine via a computer. These include mechanical pieces, World class skyscrapers, sculptures, and mosaic, all completely constructed from simply Lego bricks. It all works wonderfully, with the rock’n’roll’s playful immediacy blending in perfectly with the endearing simplicity of LEGO. the French Revolution illustrated in LEGO. Circle Triangle Square 6. Jan 18, 2013 - Explore Jois Goldman's board "lego art" on Pinterest. Grasp 15. From quantity to quality, Jeffrey Hunter specializes in Lego art and his creations run the gamut from whimsical to wacky- such as his implausible LEGO self-portrait. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . The long and slender fingers of the 36 years old Toronto based artist Ekow Nimako, have a knack for transforming the sturdy LEGO bricks into a remarkable gallery of Lego art: soaring birds, West African masks, fantastical creatures, and political statements like “Tar Baby”- a disconcerting monument that delves into the complexities of shadism between an infant and its mother. “It makes art accessible,” he says. Born in Turin some 56 years ago, Marco Pece is an italian photographer with a fascination with Lego.An art lover himself, his recent work recreates famous paintings in perfect detail, using the ubiquitous bricks. The idea came about after McCartney's mom found some of his old LEGOs in her home. Click here to start at the beginning. His love boat above is a great example of the intricacy and industriousness of his works, considering that the mind-boggling picture above just covers the middle interior of his artwork. David Hughes is an Artist and Designer who creates breath-taking contemporary art using only Lego Bricks. “The Art of the Brick” is a brand new art exhibit where famous paintings are recreated as Lego sculptures. An artist has recreated masterpieces including Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Scream and Mona Lisa, using Lego. "I like making art in difficult places," says Miami-based visual artist Dante Dentoni, … Bricks of the Dead is a webcomic about a zombie apocalypse that began in 2010. #art #lego #contemporaryart #artwithlego #artwithtoys #childfriendly #artinstallations #iriginalart #uniqueart #legosinthewall #dantedentoni #miamiartist, A post shared by Dante Dentoni (@dantedentoniart) on Dec 28, 2017 at 10:56am PST. Furloughed artist creates incredible Lego portraits of celebrities made out of thousands of bricks James Rodger. Learn more about WORLD OF BUGS. Artist recreates famous artworks brick by brick with 'LEGO effect' Geoffroy Amelot has recreated the paintings using a Photoshop effect that looks like Lego bricks, with different colours of tiles marking out the shapes of objects and figures in the artworks. The proposal was the beginning of People, his LEGO art exhibition running at the museum through January 22, 2016.. With his work, young and old can enjoy a new twist on old classics. Artist Marco Sodano has undertaken a creative project of arranging LEGO bricks to resemble famous pictures and portraits, which has gone viral all over the internet. His work is painstakingly and obsessively crafted, and is both playful and beautiful. "I was having a laugh with my wife and thought if I can't use someone else's photos, I'll make my own using toys." Evan is an Expert in Digital Marketing. Finding your car in a crowded mall parking lot is not a trouble anymore, apparently. Next up, LEGO is diving into the pop-art world with Andy Warhol’s famous bright pink screenprint of Marilyn Monroe from 1967. “I started having a go at building some of the LEGO and I found LEGO figures which kind of looked like us,” he told Gold Coast Bulletin. Artist Nathan Sawaya Recreates Famous Paintings With Legos | Fortune Legos Aren’t Just for Kids: This Artist Tours the World Recreating Famous Paintings With … 16/07/2020. Feel yourself being transported to Andy Warhol’s famous New York studio, ‘The Factory’, while you listen to the soundtrack that reveals the story behind the artist and his work and how it’s interpreted into LEGO® Art. McNaught’s forte is interactive models, and he has even incorporated LEGO MINDSTORMS technology in his Qantas Airbus A380 project in the past. “The Art of the Brick”, his global touring exhibitions, feature life-size sculptures created utilizing only LEGO building bricks. It depicts the iconic blue wave as it's just about to crash over the traditional boats passing over the water. Heartfelt 2. Mixing classic and contemporary, both in technique and theme, Bolcato was invited by the Archeological Museum of Salerno in Italy to create a series of works that would engage their younger visitors. Another webcomic illustrated in LEGO, Ballinabricky is set in Ireland in 1936. Break out your top hats and monocles; it’s about to classy in here. Here are our favorite LEGO-centric artists who are redefining a new era of creative artwork: Here are some of the bride and groom cake toppers we’ve made here at the studio. In his new book, Beautiful LEGO, Mike Doyle has curated more than 200 pages of the world’s best Lego art. The LEGO famous paintings are the work of former Italian bank worker Marco Pece. The likes of Piero Della Francesca, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Andy Warhol’s works have been re-created by the Artist with the addition of myriad dresses-up LEGO characters. LEGO bricks are great for rendering new versions of existing art in two dimensions, too. Apr 26, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Benjamin Gross. Sean Kenney is a renowned, award-winning artist who uses LEGO pieces to design and create contemporary sculpture, travelling exhibits, childrens books, and commercial products. Sean Kenney is a “professional kid”, the award-winning renowned artist who leverages … About NaturePOP. Jorgen Vig Knudstorp He feels it’s now a more acceptable medium. Famous Birthdays. Perhaps the most famous sculpture of Roman antiquity, ... Marisol Escobar (1930–2016) was born in Paris to Venezuelan parents. But with "zero artistic ability," he was at a loss for how to achieve his goal—until he saw the LEGO comic Adventures of S-Team. See all the 50 States Of LEGO at Bitrebels, and check out more of Friesen's whimsical LEGO works at the Instagram gallery Stories for Toys. It displays beautifully on a wall or shelf and … All Rights Reserved, #GivingTuesday Roundup: 21 Lego Artists Designing Mesmerizing Wonders Brick By Brick, 20 Amazing Projects by Pentagram Designers You Must See,, Design your own professional Pre School logo, Business logo design with Drama Acting samples, Design your own professional Hardware logo, Design your own logo using Party Rentals symbols, Design your own professional Building logo, Business logo design with Architecture Firm samples, Design your own logo using Telemarketing symbols, #GivingTuesday Roundup: 25 Interesting Typography Infographics To Master The Letters, #GivingTuesday Roundup: Graphic Designers From 10+ Countries Wishing You A Merry Christmas, #GivingTuesday Roundup: 15 Drag-Me-To-Halloween Designs From Behance Graphic Designers, #GivingTuesday Roundup: 15 Serial Entrepreneurs Juggling Multiple Businesses At A Time. Open as of this weekend at the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) in Queens, the new exhibit invites people to see their favorite pieces of art history in a unique 3-dimensional form. Sean Kenney. Copyright © 2020 LEGO artist Elbe Spurling began bringing us Bible stories recreated with LEGO sets in The Brick Testament back in 2001 and these days goes by the name The Brick Bible. For those who’ve made a living with Lego bricks, money isn’t paramount: it’s more about pushing the limits of creation and pursuing something they love. Peter Laven, from Texas, spends three-weeks on each piece. Here, he realised that characters from Japanese anime were prime subjects. The comic was created by Dr. Anthony Valentino, an assistant professor at the County College of Morris in New Jersey. The incredible wall mountings and artworks that he built out of the colorful blocks are masterpieces that sell for thousands of dollars apiece. Whether they are graphic based, bright images from popular culture, LEGO mosaic portraits, or classic works of pop-art rendered in bricks, they make you smile. INFOGRAPHIC: 21 Things You Wish You Knew In Your 20s As An Entrepreneur. Sean Kenney is a renowned, award-winning artist and "professional kid" who uses LEGO pieces to design and create contemporary sculpture for high-profile clients, major corporations, and venues around the globe for over 15 years. 1 Picture, 4 Options Build your favorite of the four portraits or change it as many times as you like. Third single from the debut studio album of singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. Dave is the brains behind the webcomic Bricks of the Dead, which centers on a zombie apocalypse that began in 2010. All trademarks, servicemarks, and copyrights are property of their respective owners. Broken Dreams – Ep. “It makes art accessible,” he says. Tickets available at the door or online:, – The Brickman (@brickmanexp) February 2, 2018. Album: + About. Many public and private events worldwide have featured his works, including Museum of Pop culture, the Seattle Center, and the Seattle Aquarium. The Little Artists: Darren Neave (left) and John Cake. by FearTheManatee Plays Quiz Updated Oct 4, 2014 . An artist has recreated masterpieces including Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Scream and Mona Lisa, using Lego. 35, — Lego Oscar Wilde (@Ballinabricky) December 30, 2016. Known as one of the founders of the Swiss style of graphic design, Paul Rand is the man behind world famous logos such as the IBM logo, the UPS logo, the ABC logo, the Yale University Press logo, and many more. by FearTheManatee Plays Quiz Updated Oct 4, 2014 . Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen and his daughter did a series that depicted each state in America in a scene made of construction paper and LEGO minifigs. See more ideas about lego, lego art, legos. The action takes place in a fictional town (whose name is a play on the town Ballinabrackey) that, in the comic, is home to many of Ireland's most famous literary figures, including William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, Bram Stoker, Maud Gonne, and Peig Sayers. Here are a few LEGO-centric sites and social media feeds to check out. Life size Replicas 13. The teen told Jimmy Kimmel that last summer, Spence made the proposal video above. Instead of the usual installations and sculptures created using LEGO pieces, you will get a chance to witness magnified LEGO pieces merging together with the human world. The move by Lego has an appearance of impropriety, which can be seen as bending to the will of the Chinese, in an effort to stifle the free expression of ideas through art. Apr 27, 2017 - Explore Debbie Benevelli's board "Famous People in Lego" on Pinterest. Hunter’s light sense of humor is conspicuously depicted in the “Leggo My Lego Eggo!” waffle shown above. “We were in Paris for Lindsey’s birthday and took a few pictures of them with the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre in the background for a bit of fun. The fact that Lego has growing business interests in China cannot be separated from the denial of materials for a famous Chinese dissident artist. The news items tend toward the offbeat and entertaining—"I pick a few stories each day that interest me and I think will interest others"—but some news events are off-limits: "While a plane crash is huge news, it would be doing a huge discredit to the story to look like I am making light of a tragic event using toys," Romero said. Apr 20, 2020 - Geoffroy Amelot has recreated the paintings using a Photoshop effect that looks like Lego bricks, with different colours of tiles marking out the shapes of objects and figures in the artworks., — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) October 17, 2016, In 2014, LEGO released a new building set called the Research Institute featuring a science lab staffed by women. LEGO® and the brick configuration are property of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, own, or endorse this site. This milling machine is made almost entirely out of LEGO . Featuring sculptures built with LEGO® bricks by artist Sean Kenney, World of Bugs examines bizarre bug behaviors and intricate insect structures through the lens of one of the world’s most popular toy building blocks. Printed on 100% cotton watercolour textured paper, Art Prints would be at home in any gallery. Blue 4. Break out your top hats and monocles; it’s about to classy in here. While you have been seeing much of 3D Lego art recently, LEGO bricks can also be leveraged to render revamped versions of existing art in two dimensions. His work is obsessively and painstakingly crafted and is both beautiful and playful. The Scottish teenager has such a knack for storytelling that he makes commissioned LEGO videos through his company Morgspenny Productions. Cape Town-based designers Max Basler and Anine Kirsten have designed the innovative Nimuno Loops, which are a reusable adhesive tape that prepares any surface into a foundation for creative LEGO projects. If Nathan Sawaya's name isn't familiar to you, his artwork almost certainly is. Spurling has also created a book series called The Brick Bible for Kids, and The Brick Book of Mormon is coming soon. Released: Nov 11, 2011. Mixing classic and contemporary, both in technique and theme, Bolcato was invited by the Archeological Museum of Salerno in Italy to create a series of works that would engage their younger visitors. 7. Can you name the famous work of art by its Lego representation? This collection is … Recently, Mitsui completed an incredible large-scale 3D rendition of Hokusai's famous woodblock print The Great Wave Off Kanagawa out of 50,000 LEGO blocks. This ingenious concept is the brain-child of a 33-year-old Cardiff based artist, Andy Morris, who has devoted his life to creating LEGO inspired art. But your walls are better. There are many brick artists who make stop-motion LEGO videos, but Morgan Spence stands out among them. Over the years, Marianne has created exceptional Lego artwork both as the world’s first female LEGO freelancer and as the master designer at LEGOLAND, California. The chronology and stylistic range are suitably varied, which translates into the fact that his works run the gamut from recent classics like Lily Allen’s “it’s Not Me it’s you” rubbing plastic with Elvis Presley’s seminal self-titled debut album. David Hughes describes himself as a designer and artist who uses Lego bricks to create contemporary art. Bolcato has harbored a love for LEGO-inspired art from a very young age, which became his inspiration later on. Nimbus Loops is a great break-through in the world of LEGO art, allowing you to attach extra bricks onto the sides of existing LEGO creations or even to build around corners. “Oh, is that cars and trucks and little castles?” was the response. David Hughes tries to push the limits of what Lego can do in his sculptures . They honor famous film, TV and cartoon characters, as well as some other cultural icons including fast food spokesmen and video game heroes. Kick-starting his career in extreme sports photography in urban areas, the artist’s interest in LEGOS was fueled when his son developed a penchant for them. You might also be interested in Spurling's account of the French Revolution illustrated in LEGO. Making faces . This model of San from Princess Mononoke is just over 5ft tall … All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Salvador Dali, Damien Hirst and Gilbert and George are among the names who have been made into small, plastic figures at the hands of a group called the Little Artists. Being a huge LEGO aficionado as a kid paid off for this Miami Artist, not just because he became an architect or an engineer as a result- but because he has made a career out of still playing with his childhood obsession. Slide Deck: 10 Most Iconic Automobile Logos! I joked I would make a Facebook page out of it and Lindsey said it was a bit silly, but the more we did it the more she got into it and it’s become quite popular now.” McCartney and Haggerty spent the holidays in Perth, Australia, and took the above picture at Wave Rock in Hyden. I've always felt better during the more stressful moments of graduate school when I knew that I was not alone in feeling a certain way or having a particular experience. Delicate shapes. VIDEO: Typesetting: The Art Of Placing Text On A Page. As the epiphany hit home, he ran home to his childhood stash of LEGOs and immediately began concocting a story. All lego artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. His art appeals to people who have grown up playing with LEGO bricks, while simultaneously exploring grown-up ideas of modern-day design and art. Meet Nathan Sawaya, The Most Famous LEGO Artist in the World. The finished products resemble low-resolution pixelated versions of album art. "After this epiphany I ran to my parents’ basement (after a lengthy drive to their house) and unearthed my lost bin full of LEGO® and started concocting a story." Angus MacLane, a lego artist with a love of pop culture, released his new series two weeks back called "CubeDudes." High quality Lego inspired Art Prints by independent artists and designers from around the world. LEGO Grad Student is a Tumblr—cross-posted to other sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook—that follows a LEGO minifig graduate student through the trials and tribulations of earning a higher degree. His creations resemble low-resolution pixelated versions of pop album art. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Lego Debuts Pop Art Portrait Series Build decorative pieces that honor Andy Warhol's depiction of Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles, Darth Vader, Iron Man, and more. Ryan McNaught is an Australian designer who proudly flaunts the title ‘Certified Lego Professional’ adorning his curriculum Vitae. The idea behind the works of British based Artist Aaron Savage is a rather simple one; Employ an assortment of LEGOs to recreate an array of music’s finest album covers in his series known as “Break the LP”! Gray 11. Professional Lego artist Eric Hashburger says that qualities for a project must use bright, primary colours and be something that is part of pop culture – something that is easily recognised by most people, whether constructed from Lego bricks or not. His wall mosaics are fun, colorful, and accessible. The heady inflection of light to dark colors makes this piece truly a keeper. Interim report to funder: …project progressing as expected. AN ANONYMOUS GRAD STUDENT // LEGO GRAD STUDENT. Born and raised in San Diego, the artist took a great fancy to the world of Legos when she received her first set at the age of 6. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Some of the world's most famous artists have been turned into miniature works of art in sculptures made out of Lego. Think: irregularly shaped objects, ceilings, windows, glass, and other objects can all become a base for building with LEGOs. Author: … LEGO® and the brick configuration are property of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, own, or endorse this site. Angus Maclane is the talented star of Pixar, having the distinction of working on all the hit features of the company after 1997, such as Toy Story 3, Wall-E, and up. Lego as an Art Medium. The structure took nine months to complete and faithfully reproduces the dramatic architecture of the famous landmark. According to Sacek, the only non-LEGO piece of the 360º Milling Machine is the small metal drill. LEGO bricks and minifigs are more than just toys—they're also an art medium that can be used to illustrate the real world when a photograph isn't freely available, a fictional world when an artist prefers not to draw one, or just for the fun of it. For instance, in the above photograph, Cole has actually managed to conjure up a seemingly true-to-life burning fire, employing only LEGO bricks. Bricks of the Dead Episode 708 - #LEGO #Zombie #Survival #Comic -, — Bricks of the Dead (@bricksofthedead) October 17, 2016. In his new book, Beautiful LEGO, Mike Doyle has curated more than 200 pages of the world’s best Lego art. After long hours “playing” with the bricks, the final artwork is a fabulous photograph. This is the #BrickmanAwesome exhibition’s LAST WEEKEND at @ICCSyd in #Sydney– make sure you check it out before we set sail. The scene above was created to illustrate the story about a GoFundMe account created to protect Betty White through the rest of 2016. Can you name the famous work of art by its Lego representation? Evan is also a design pro, who has shown a predilection towards DIY design projects. He pushes the abilities of LEGOs with his figurative sculptures. His most mesmerizing creations to date include a life-sized Nativity display, a 10-foot-tall Statue of Liberty (shown above), a 6-foot-diameter Death Star, and a life-size casket for a client. Rushmore Replica 8. Mystic Currency. February 05, 2015 Nathan Sawaya's famous Lego art comes to Philadelphia The artist wants to get kids interested in art history through play Currently, he is leading content marketing efforts at DesignMantic and has played an integral part in the success story of DesignMantic through strategic marketing campaigns.

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