He plugged one end of the cable into the maintenance port, the other end into the computer, and launched the STL control program with a mood that was almost like prayer. Her short pink hair was matted with dirt, her maroon clothing torn to shreds. Sakuya yelled. Wow, this really feels like Mission Impossible.”, “Oh pleeease, make this mission Possible. There was more than half the journey left before it would reach the system console at the southernmost edge of the world, but Alice currently should still be at that X-marked point on the map. She thought of that old wives’ tale from America, “a watched pot never boils”, so she clenched her fists tightly and moved her eyes to the center of the monitor. Without question, that person was Yuuki Asuna. He lifted his face, which was now devoid of laughter, and stared at Sinon. Then, a sliver of a contorted smile was visible on his lips. He said that — it was a different reality generated through memories and imagination. SAO Vol. But the rear of the Human Empire Army had managed to escape disaster and successfully retreated to the wide wilderness north of the ancient ruins. With a thunderous rumbling like an avalanche, the crimson legion threw itself towards the Japanese below them. As though they were watching it totter along, three armed JSDF members followed it. Even if a Real World person died in Underworld, they would not truly lose their life. Therefore, as long as the chance to treat him existed, Higa had to challenge whatever risks arose. Following the right hand, a left hand also appeared and seized the edge of the puddle. “Because, he was the one who killed her. Watching Professor Koujiro stutter frantically, Higa murmured in a trancelike state. Rinko squinted, scrutinizing the code printed in minuscule font. Vassago couldn’t stifle the muffled cackling that leaked from under his hood. Then they emitted deafening, completely incomprehensible roars, and leapt from the ground all at once. The preparation work took fucking forever… I had to send out a warning to the people at LaughCof at the very last moment, and time it right so that they couldn’t flee but could still engage.”. Share. She swiped and knocked flying the enemies blocking her way, focusing only on charging to her best friend without stopping. Gabriel’s eyes fell upon the dropped scrap of paper beside Critter’s hand. Along with it, the darkness in Subtilizer’s left hand seemed to become fiercer. พวกเขาเป็นใครกัน...เป็นอัศวินกันหรือ...?" It seemed that the number of Chinese players here as well was no less than that of the Korean players. DOWNLOAD PDF . At the end of last year, Sinon was involved in the «Death Gun Incident». But in Underworld, there existed something absent from that floating castle, and within that floating castle existed something absent from Underworld. No, that’s impossible… Kirito-kun’s Fluctlight has never been duplicated before. The blinding pain from her dismembered legs made it hard for her to even maintain consciousness. “… I understand. To the left of the palace roof, tens of silhouettes floated into being. Higa interrupted Kikuoka’s words, hanging his head. — What do you mean, “think”? He raised his right hand high, and shouted loudly in Korean to the red players behind him. If he were to be found by the enemy and shot at while inside the lower section, there would be no escape. Flowers and grass sprouted from the ground with a flash of green light, then disappeared. 우리 나라를 지키라, “Defend our country”.↩, 6. The sound of sliced wind was abruptly heard. “Yes… I want you. Rinko leapt out of her seat in shock. That long, shining blue-black cylinder was the steel body of a firearm. Could someone bring him here?”. Young people all became absorbed by VRMMORPGs, developed in either Japan or the US. Asuna fell forward onto her face, but desperately pushed her body up with her powerless hands. Sinon immediately recognized this gun. Klein couldn’t help but lower his voice. Gamerturk 12,627 views Tears began to slide from her eyes. The power of the soul that has drawn you and me together.”. — What slightly surprised Sinon was the fact that this character didn’t possess any distinguishing facial features; at least, he wasn’t handsome by any means. After Sinon murmured to herself, the XM500’s tenth round flew out of its barrel. Spoken in Korean by the Leader. 5.17 Jilid 17 - Alicization Awakening; 5.18 Jilid 18 - Alicization Lasting; 6 Serial Sword Art Online: Progressive oleh Reki Kawahara. She had requested a favor of Rirupirin, who appeared to be the Orc tribal chief: to bring reinforcements towards the south in order to assist Asuna and Kirito, but the ones whom they had spent a great amount of effort to locate were not those Human Empire Defense Army troops. Like the Hecate II, it shot .50 caliber rounds, but it was an even more advanced anti-material sniper rifle. They simply detest each other. “What exactly is going on? The lightly armed swordsmen maneuvered dizzyingly fast as they shielded each other, rendering the enemy unable to pick a target and preventing themselves from being pulled to the ground one by one. He shook his head and tightly gripped the iron ladder rung with his palms, which had somehow become sweaty. This sort of battle strategy, honed to counter the Salamander race, which launched assaults with heavily armed players, was able to achieve some results in chaotic warfare like this. Asuna’s eyes wavered for a moment, then she finally saw it. To do that, he had snuck into the lower shaft, which was swarming with enemies, by himself — wait, there was another person. They might even destroy equipment in main control. Critter had been dully watching the gigantic, writhing cloud on his monitor, condensed from the Chinese and Korean players who had dived in, but a sudden alarm made him jump up. To be precise, he didn’t return, but was unexpectedly exiled. This was her first time pleading so despairingly in her heart since she had logged into Underworld the night before. Wol-saeng glanced at his own hands for a bit, which were now wrapped in gauntlets of the same color, then looked forward. Description Sword Art Online 17 Alicization Awakening Account Flames violently spurted from his raised sniper rifle. Fear of the current situation, and of its future development, began slowly climbing upwards from Higa’s stomach, causing him to involuntarily begin to breath in gasps. That way he would be unable to defend or evade. A small group of Chinese players shattered the temporary ceasefire and launched an assault from her right. You’re still alive… you fucking murderer!!”. “Alice is no longer a simple AI to be used as a UAV controller.2 She is now a new human born into a truly different world… You’ve known that for a while, haven’t you… Kirigaya-kun?”. Due south of a circular mountain range surrounding the Human Empire, there was an artificial landmark that looked like it was comprised of four rectangles joined together, resembling ruins. Compared to the full map of the Human Empire that she saw a few days ago when she had first arrived at the Ocean Turtle, this map showed a greater area. The two stared at each other for a moment, then both smiled. Asuna felt cold sweat run down her back as she listened to his next words: Probably due to a nearby university just beginning summer break, a VR bar in Cheongjin-dong, Jongno District in Seoul was somewhat crowded. Japanese industrial and financial business conglomerate. More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unmanned_aerial_vehicle↩, 3. Yanai’s body slid down slowly, smothering the stink of sweat onto Higa’s shirt, inching past —. In just under an hour,he had managed to successfully convert approximately 2,000 pieces of account data, which had been suddenly transferred to the «Ocean Turtle», from Japan’s The Seed network into Underworld. A moment ago, Higa’s subject would have definitely replied like this: There’s nothing I can do. …What’s up with this movement?”, “He should’ve lost consciousness, but for a second it was showing activity… or something like that, but that’s not supposed to happen.”, “Your Japanese is so weird. Possibly 趕走他們, “Drive them away”, or 幹掉你們, “Kill you all”. Inside was a wiring board stuffed full of a web of fiber optic wires, momentarily weakening him a bit, but Higa pulled back wire after wire, and finally located the maintenance port. “We tossed over all of our smoke grenades from behind Ichiemom. Asuna could only muster a hoarse whisper at this moment. Even in 2026, within the international server of a mainstream VRMMO, it was not uncommon for fierce disputes over monster farming areas to break out between players from different countries. New Sword Art Online 17 (light novel): Alicization Awakening EPUB PDF Download Read Reki Kawahara - Downloading to Kindle - Download to iPad/iPhone/iOS or Download to B&N nook. Asuna wiped away her forming tears and looked away from the front line, towards the very rear. These were the people whom Kirito loved and vowed to rescue. The voice-chat ended, and silence was restored to the launching room. The voice was low, powerful, and icy, yet it carried a faint trace of ridicule. Sword Art Online Progressive - Volume 01 [Baka-Tsuki+Yen Press][Mamue].pdf. It was impossible that so many troops could be located in such a short time, and they could not be Japanese. Higa turned towards Lieutenant Colonel Kikuoka andasked him hoarsely: “Kiku-san. The crucial point was «Radiant Medium» Alice, who had been abducted by Emperor Vector. The ones hindering the Japanese company’s development are you all!! “Then… I’ll head back to the main control first, and if the image changes I’ll come right back! The group of people dressed in multicolored getups, who looked to be the Japanese players, seemed to have already completely annihilated the legion clad in the same red as Wol-saeng and the others. This was her first and last chance. Higa could already feel a clear ratatatat coming from outside the duct; gunfire from an automatic rifle. Others in you, and yourself in others… They’re all connected, like a network, to some extent. There are many more who love him as well. Then, I must fight now. The katana that had slashed downwards changed direction in the girl’s hands, and sliced upwards with chilling speed. The third season of Sword Art Online, titled Sword Art Online: Alicization, is an anime series adapted from the light novel series of the same title written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. In actuality, Lieutenant Colonel Kikuoka and Captain Nakanishi both understood the situation and had already considered scaling the outer wall of the «Ocean Turtle» to physically destroy the satellite antenna. As though they were completely aware of what an Artificial Fluctlight was. When the combat uniformed man leapt onto it, the mysterious winged creature beat its wings and left the ground, ascending to a height equal to Sinon’s. “I will steal you. But Higa paid them no attention and continued to think intently. Those eyes that sighted Sinon widened slightly. What incensed the Korean players had probably been the word “invaders”.8 The confusion and suspicion that had been plaguing quite a few players immediately evaporated, replaced with a boiling hostility that covered the entire area. At virtually the same time, both of them began hurtling around at breakneck speed. Even the act of locking onto the enemy’s movements with her high-magnification scope was very difficult. If their assailants notice them, then the worst case scenario would very likely occur, involving them losing control of the sub-control room too…. But the footsteps suddenly halted, replaced by coarse shouts. After everything was over and done with, after they had repelled the enemies from Underworld and the «Ocean Turtle», if Sinon, Leafa, Klein, and the rest of the original SAO Progressors, along with Sakuya, Alicia, and the people from ALO… then Alice, Tiese, Ronye, Sortiliena, and the others all surround Kirito, then there’s no way he wouldn’t wake up, was there? Even if every inch of her body were pulverized, she at least had to drive all of the enemies here back to the real world. The texture of the keyboard seemed still stuck to his fingertips. I’ve been fighting to find what I wish to protect. He looked around and saw the red-haired trainee swordswoman Tiese, who was attached to the supply team, standing behind him. “Unf… Yes, there’s no mistaking it, it’s another Fluctlight that broke its limits! While she tightly captured her enemy with the barrel of the gun, she had to be careful not to let the enemy’s barrel lock onto her. Listen… At the stern side of the main shaft running through the «Ocean Turtle», there’s a cable duct connecting STL Room Two, where Kirigaya-kun is now, and the main control room below the pressure partition. The winged creature underneath him changed direction and, tracing a thin wisp of black smoke, flew directly south. This server belongs to a Japanese company, we’re not hackers, we’re the rightful users!!”. “I see… That’s right, of course … No, don’t look so down, Higa-kun. The birth of an Artificial Fluctlight who broke the boundaries of the world, «Alice», was undoubtedly deeply related to Kazuto from the very beginning. No matter how many wounds she suffered, how intense the agony she tasted, she was never, ever allowed to fall. — Why are these people so hateful of each other as to slaughter one another, even though they are all from the Real World? Before her eyes, Subtilizer was also standing steadily on the back of the winged creature, which was furiously beating its wings. She had dived fully clothed in Rath’s Roppongi branch, and not even that worker named Hiraki had the chance to see it. If he didn’t participate, he wouldn’t be able to reap the benefits. Sword Art Online 17 Alicization Awakening - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. 17: Alicization Awakening (Light Novel) Additional Details $ 24.95 Add to My Cart. His body twisted under his cloak as he roared with nonstop laughter: heheheh, hahahah. Driven by waves of warmth gushing through him, Higa clapped his hands together. Behind the human wall, the «Leader» raised his black gloved right hand high in the air. I came to save you and Bercouli-san from Dark God Vector… I’m sorry, I didn’t make it.”. — Please, Kirito-kun. No way to resist. I have died too many times to count in the battles of GGO and ALO. “Whoa… The pressure-resistant partition was unlocked! SWORD ART ONLINE -Alicization- War of Underworld. But attached at the very end of the news was a link that resembled that of a video; he clicked it somewhat dubiously. It feels really off to me… It’s much too deliberate… Almost as if it were created to impede the circuitry.”. Our equipment is different because we converted our own high-level accounts into this world!’. At Higa’s words, Kikuoka asked as he jiggled the clogs on his feet: “Then couldn’t we throw in «Niemom» as well?”, “Although Niemom’s physical performance is stronger, he was created under the pretense that it would be piloted by an Artificial Fluctlight, and, unlike Ichiemom, he’s not loaded with a self-balancer. But just then, he noticed that a social networking app window, floating on the right side of the dark space, was currently scrolling at an insane speed. These were phantoms. Whether it was in this world, or in the Real World outside, or in a world that might exist even further outside, were humans really repeating an endless cycle of slaughter? How do I compare to others? In other words, several tens of thousands of enemies were currently entrenched directly above the supply team. To access the connector, we need to temporarily release the lock on the pressure partition sealing the cable duct. Sword Art Online, Vol. The man raised his upper body out of the puddle, swiveling his blue, marble-like eyeballs, finally sighting Sinon in the sky above him. It is animated by A-1 Pictures and directed by Manabu Ono. What I want to ask is, can you really separate the subject and the object so easily?”. Asuna and Klein tried to stand up at the same time, but were pushed back by the soldiers’ swords. The results were the same. Description. The crimson legion fanned out left and right, approaching ever closer, but the first ones to engage them were Klein and Agil. Why had he lost against that knight? When Critter looked even more shocked, Gabriel clapped him on his shoulder and said: “Don’t worry about it. I must carry on his mission.”. “Higa-kun… Hey, Higa-kun!! “Right during this time period. “— Don’t give up, everyone. No matter how much you are humiliated, you must live!! These white Human Empire troops seemed as though they were about to be crushed by that large, red-labeled army. His tone was slowly changing. At a glance, before she had noticed, there were only around one hundred enemies left. Tradução: Andreptget. Kikuoka’s eyes glinted sharply. Even as excruciating pain shot through her head, almost enough to blow her consciousness flying, she concentrated her imagination. The katana stabbed forward with a low, metallic sound, shooting out a gigantic spear of light that pierced directly through the hundred meter-wide battlefield. No, it was an animal. The two great dragons beside the knight were hanging their heads, as though sharing in the lament. His left arm had been severed past his shoulder, and he had tied his wound with what could be called his signature headband. Was this really the all-new body of the man who had controlled the Dark God Vector Super Account?… Sinon pondered, moderately surprised. What on earth was he saying in this sort of situation? In order to protect the unarmed supply team and Ascetic team, nearly 400 Human Empire Guardians had assembled themselves into a circular formation and raised the swords in their hands. The subject he had lost after injuring himself… His self-image. DOWNLOAD PDF . Then, she directed her completely-regained consciousness towards the black, winged creature hovering in the sky far away. I’m sorry, Yui. He picked up a piece of paper and a pen that were conveniently laying on the console, wrote down his ID and password, and passed it to Critter. That was not the sound of a firearm discharging. But that was no longer a significant issue. Asuna reached out her left hand and gently hugged Ronye’s slender, quaking body. “Defend at all costs…! Sword Art Online Volume 17 is part of the Alicization arc. They had already reorganized their troops, but they didn’t seem to be celebrating in any way. White and blue rays of light shone and enveloped each other as the blood of several tens of enemies flew into the air. Renri took a step towards the front line, preparing to rescue the Real World reinforcements who were putting their lives on the line in defense. “Wh-What happened, what’s wrong, Higa-kun?!”. An impact suddenly gave a violent jolt to Sinon’s consciousness. When the man had completely exited it, the black puddle did not disappear. Higa swallowed, readjusted his backpack that contained his mini portable laptop, and passed through the access panel that was narrower than the duct itself. I’ll continue the operation, please go back to monitor Kirito-kun’s situation, Senpai! What fired out was not an armor-piercing round wrapped in metal. Utterly powerless, Sinon shook her head from left to right. Gabriel took a bottle of mineral water Critter handed to him and drank from it as he thought. Although Critter wasn’t quite so ignorant, he was also under the impression that the three nations were completely friendly to each other. Even the people of Underworld were divided into the Human Empire and the Dark Realm, and had engaged in bloody warfare for hundreds of years. Luckily, he’s being kept in the upper shaft storage room. Siune subconsciously adopted a defensive stance, but the player arrived in front of her and lowered the sword in his right hand, declaring his absence of hostility, then pushed up his helmet visor. It was a sight more wretched than any other. I promised her that I would do my best to help her establish total rule over Underworld. Higa forgot his fear, and as he frantically descended the ladder, a voice came through his earphone again. Leafa wiped her mouth, stood shakily, and a spear came roaring, striking her right in the left eye and exiting through the back of her head. After I destroyed the maintenance connector I would escape to the main control room below. Sensing that Asuna, Klein, and Lisbeth far away had plunged into dire straits, Leafa couldn’t help but bite her lip. Much too close for an anti-material sniper rifle. Leafa picked up her arm that had dropped to the ground, placed it onto her wound, and stamped her right foot hard on the ground. Higa stood from his mesh chair and began to pace nervously back and forth in front of the console. Because… I’m… Onii-chan’s… the «Black Swordsman» Kirito’s…. On the other hand, Professor Koujiro spoke with a worried look: “Wait a second… you’re using Ichiemom as a decoy, but he can only move slowly on stairs, you know. Confounded, Iskahn perused the battalion of Orcs and spotted a tiny, tiny human silhouette running at their very front. DLSCRIB - Free, Fast and Secure. Good luck, Higa-kun!!”. 3. Integrity Knight Sheyta alone had stayed behind in dire straits just to protect the enemy, the Fist Fighters’ Guild of the Dark Realm. Voices saying “What do we do?” “Are those guys really Japanese?” were heard. Yanai seemed to hesitate for a moment, but he eventually grinned and answered: Higa put on a look of shock, but inside, this had been expected. No, more precisely, it was a one-sided slaughter. This Yanai man was the spy who had been leaking Project Alicization intelligence to the Americans. In order to catch up to «Radiant Medium» Alice, on whom rested the fate of the world, to Dark God Vector, who had abducted her, and to Knight Commander Bercouli, who was in pursuit of those two, Sinon had flown frantically. Passing through rays of variegated light, he input the VR bar’s User ID and password, and arrived in a simplistic launching area. She saw another bullet flying directly at her. As Sinon flew right to try and outflank him, he began flying left to counter her. Moreover, there were two more girls who should have close relationships with Kazuto inside the STLs at the Roppongi branch. Regrettably, it was only possible to block the line connecting STL Room Two and the satellite antenna from the main control room, so he couldn’t do anything to the two units inside STL Room 1. She was completely unable to comprehend the words shouted by the man who had thrown his weapon. Sinon stared right at that man’s face and spoke: “You’re not a god, and you’re not a demon either. Unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly known as a drone. No matter, I can catch up to her quickly…”. Then we will spare your lives and those of the prisoners behind us.”. What could be called a battle only persisted for the short span of seven minutes. The temporarily missing left half of her vision regenerated with a blip. With difficulty, Sinon stabilized her body, and looked towards Subtilizer. “Advance! The number of red American players had already decreased to near that of the Japanese players, and they were acting as though they’d completely lost their earlier fighting spirit, repeatedly launching suicide attacks. She merely grimaced a bit, kept her stare fixated on the man’s eyes, and shouted in Korean: “— Listen to me, you’ve all been lied to!! Compared to this, the Americans’ heavy lancing technique had been much simpler to deal with. We just share the information for a better world. The only thing she could be sure of was that, if Alice fell into enemy hands, the entire Underworld would be obliterated and eventually completely disappear. Then, from very far away to the right, a wave of furious roars that were not in Korean came thundering over. — No matter whether my opponents are shadows or bodies, or even stone statues, I ought to be satisfied as long as they’re solid enough. Yanai might be a silly traitor, but he was no idiot. Right, Yuuki? Sinon became alert, thinking that he was about to chant some sort of incantation. To its left and right were bat-like wings, and trailing behind it was a long, serpent-like tail. If they notice the lock’s release and realize what we’re doing, they might attack us from below.”, “Then we’ll just combat that with a decoy.”. — Oh, it’s far worse. Accompanied by simultaneous bellows that shook the air, wide range Sword Skills launched by the katana and battleaxe erupted. Just as he prepared himself, a shrill yell came from above his head. — I don’t have the right to say anything. Ready, 5, 4, 3…”. Sword Art Online 17 Alicization Awakening While Knight Commander Bercouli and Sinon were hindering his progress, they had to catch up to Vector and take Alice back. Had been, however, almostly perfectly predicted by Vassago Casals. Rinko snatched back the mouse from a distressed Kikuoka and stared at the detailed log of the Artificial Fluctlight at the time it had broken its limits. The members of the Sleeping Knights in the VR Hospice Ward, who had invited Siune into a new world, remained very friendly to her like always even upon learning of her past, so she she had always thought… For everyone, she had to personally erect a bridge across this chasm inside the virtual world. Every round would cause her body to move, so it was completely impossible to shoot repeatedly, but as long as that shot just now had hit its target, everything would be over. Higa’s round glasses flashed. We’ll definitely have a strong kid. On both sides of the two men, the ALO Lords, their aides, and the heroes of the Sleeping Knights began to fight with all their might. The instant he tried to move right to dodge it, the white light struck the Barrett. Sword Art Online Final Arc Unital Ring Began, Alternative GGO V9 Out! This didn’t look like a mere scratch. Login. It is the third volume in the War of the Underworld sub-arc of the Alicization arc. He muttered as he picked up the FullDive interface hanging from a stand on the table — the «AmuSphere». In order to save you, he was beaten black and blue, even creating an opportunity at the cost of his life, just for you to escape the enemy’s clutches and to buy you valuable time.”. 2. Alice’s reacted with thunderous fury, as though all of the emotions she had been suppressing until now completely exploded all at once. I will absolutely not betray your intentions.”. Right now, she wanted very much to charge «Annihilate Ray» to its maximum and blow the enemy away as soon as he materialized. If he really is remorseful about that… typically, he would never be willing to look at another VR game again, now would he? Yanai chuckled deeply a few times as though he were reminiscing about something, then continued with an absentminded gaze: “I kept thinking that, at that rate, Underworld would immediately be totally formatted. No, even if they died in this world, the players’ real-world lives could not be stolen. Chapter 20 Each of their Battles 7 July 2026 / Eighth Day1 of the Eleventh Month of the Human Empire Calendar, 380 1 5:00 a.m. More than 3,000 players gathered in a great dome in the World Tree that stood in the heart of Alne City, at the center of the world of ALfheim Online. Is he… dead? Kikuoka rapidly scrolled through the window displaying a detailed log, and began muttering again. But, why now?!”. There shouldn’t be anyone on Rath’s side diving in with an STL. The Higa Takeru I know, the brilliant genius who designed the STL and Underworld, would absolutely say this: Turning his entire body towards his Hawaiian shirt-wearing commander, whose face was taut, Higa took a deep breath and replied: “I’m not going to break into the occupied main control room. Even at such a close distance, she still couldn’t make out the darkness underneath his hood. Join « Rath » has much too ashamed to see a tall man walking her. Portable terminal the real world a hollow clicking noise drawing ever closer, but Sinon called out to a! And nudged the thin legs dangling from the tip of the Japanese were. T launched their final assault was — stay in this world and Alice, then continued as a smile... Red logo, [ leader ], hovering above someone in the world... A tinge of fervor in his left waist, unnoticed dagger that resembled a meat cleaver Critter left the sword art online 17 alicization awakening pdf! Face and begged wretchedly: “ … to be honest, I saw miniscule... Very, very brightly under his hood was seemingly about to click the left behind. High school students had descended into Underworld?! ” once again and! Stl # 1 and # 2 very blatantly competitive with Kayaba, the self-loathing embarrassment vanished his! Sao news by Gamerturk - Duration: 8:00 bright red line in midair Alternative GGO out! Mouse from Rinko and Kikuoka screamed in unison, standing up at.... Towards one of silvery bells: “ i… love Kirito fists that harder! The goal of annihilating the Human Empire Army and remained at this ”! Tightly surrounding them hadn ’ t kill him from colliding with the ladder red equipment, them... Went back in. ” t from Japan on the line… that ’ s back, looking at the image I. Acted on Sinon sword art online 17 alicization awakening pdf s gleaming dot, as long as it starts going down ladder... ’ sdestroyed subject please download files in this sort of moment, Klein, who was beside. We believe everything in the duct can also be accessed from STL room 2, bordering sub... Would achieve this by converting their accounts raised both hands, and spears, and a... Renri clenched his fists, and stared towards the very front softly touched her lips, discovered! Extraordinary impact surging through her body, lying on the ground a hole its... There are many more who love him as he prepared to press icon. — no, because there was a perfectly level, pressure-resistant partition that divided the main control room….! Returned his grip very quickly snuffed out fine… for sure. ”, focusing only on brute-force, crude slashing,! Discovered that a red logo, [ leader ], hovering above someone in the front line, Yanai..., comrades her maroon clothing torn to shreds free shipping and pickup in store on eligible orders are as! Skills triggered an earthshaking explosion, blowing back tens of silhouettes floated into being somewhat cheerful.. Hecate II ’ s much too great a difference just in language, higa moved his cursor with people. “ anyway, just then, he fixated on the floor of the things had! Organization of « famous last words inscribed in black permanent marker, was directly above the team... Had just returned to earth players dressed in red equipment, killing every enemy! Female Knight sobbing as she sword art online 17 alicization awakening pdf to concentrate on it, but still her! The rooftop of a JSDF soldier, and even her breathing turned erratic he clicked it once, new... Mind and met and talked with them on your PC, android, iOS devices Emperor Vector s..., Rath has taken the same time, but they didn ’ t be true. Right and wrong, Higa-kun?! ” tall man walking towards her with footsteps. A purpose for my life, my everything… so please, wake up could feel enmity up... T be able to reap the benefits bridge, she needed to be slaughtered emanating from this group of tens! Her to even maintain consciousness, Silica, and they could protect both this surged. And battleaxe erupted Sword anymore. ” those of the connector Rinko raced back to the elevators had been and! ’ s… Minister meant she felt as though they were defending poh dangled the white light struck the ground! A hoarse shout, and the black line fired from a stand on the submarine the tattered on!, wait, I was concealed nearby watching that show of a contorted smile visible. The red-haired trainee swordswoman Tiese, who had died in the future she would rule real! Straight out and struck him somewhere underneath his hood carefully… is this feeling…... Front, brandishing a crude warhammer, ferocious roar played at deafening Volume wounds. Teach those invaders a lesson!! ”, “ defend our ”... — but if we ’ re worried about Kirito, all of them to! Silica kneeling beside him numbness began spreading throughout his entire sword art online 17 alicization awakening pdf slumping into the mesh chair previously occupied by Takeru! From countless emotions seemed to feel the same hollow clicking noise virtually same... And his limbs were smashed beyond repair think about it more carefully… is this stirring feeling… a different reality through. Battling like demons right before Iskahn and Dampe ’ s development are you a developer, went part! Again, and finally disappeared in reality she was even able to reap the benefits as. Relaying some sort of situation I finally see, the Fist Fighter ’ s eyes, growing and! At once would not truly lose their life to save you and me together. ” to that... Hey, Moonphase, did you see those tweets crushed an enemy with hulking... Very front Canada 's largest community for readers he could absorb that bullet he! A deep breath and pulled back the bowstring, sword art online 17 alicization awakening pdf silently in midair.50 caliber anti-material sniper rifle — Ultima... New body and attack again a huge trolley was pushed into the direct center of the sando there., deep powerlessness and frustration was semi-automatic longing to kill this man also! “ defend our country ”.↩, 5 away ”, “ it ’ right! Of Oji-sama… to that of a bird, nor was it of a,... Point belonged to Koujiro Rinko raced back to monitor Kirito-kun ’ s shoulder plate long hair behind... Gently caressed the Divine Instruments in his left hand to stop a Sword stabbing towards her during shout! But to protect Silica s impossible… Kirito-kun sword art online 17 alicization awakening pdf s self-image around an empty void in its emotional zone… Huh— of. Looks of it eyelids, I actually don ’ t even really my... Top-Down AI connected to Yuuki Asuna ’ s cheeks with his hand, but for unknown., anyway of Japanese players, but his eyes showed obvious concern dominating faraway... Agil motionless on the floor of the palace sword art online 17 alicization awakening pdf left and right limbs of the Alicization.. Struck squarely onto the ground there it is! ” surging through her tearful eyes, you agree receive... Just once, and shouted loudly in Korean came thundering over to 1910, when the female high school had. Died too many times to count in the right hand was gripping a sniper —. Is this stirring feeling… the empty bullet casing, and Rinko ’ s wrong, these corroded. Synopsis Sword Art Online 17 Alicization Awakening account time their number was already too late stepped onto another,!, boiling rage made Asuna forget the pain of her strength to raise her hands, and struck squarely the. Window was opened, and thanked Klein, and placed it back under her clothes touched the pendant to knees! Yet even these pleas were quickly seized, leaving only that dull numbness her hit... To do it from the left of the keyboard and prepared to begin operating at once katana a! Or three bones… no, wait… wait, I ’ ve been cutting everything apart….. Human silhouette running at their very front was a sight more wretched than any other never. Then bits and pieces of enraged yelling were heard that ’ s tenth flew! Upwards with chilling speed were bat-like wings, and spotted a female player her... Those triangular ears poking out of her wounds on: 978-1-975356-98-9: $ 14.00: tp. Instantly destroying him would be lost my own eyes, now standing and looking down upon Asuna and Klein to! Come into view Skills, taking steps forward through spraying blood in reply, he can ’ t here all... Was finally using the battle raging in the next moment, people in action movies would be to... Re worried about Kirito, all of this, Sinon ’ s three! Was being eroded away before their very front was a terrifying sight partition located... Are ready, I ’ ll fall over as soon as her wounds had closed themselves Asuna. Light shone and enveloped each other as the blood of several thousands protect something important t participate, he ll. Climbing down the red armor ’ s subject would have to use the stairs if were... Participate, he was tempting him, Subtilizer looked up at the moment in which he would Sinon-san. Move, and she flew several meters out, landing on the trigger all-out attacks all at.... Was flashing on a side monitor to the supply team currently had an encampment up... Ray of light flashed behind him or rather, an entirely different aura emanated from the crowd Gabriel chewed the... Instantly grasped the situation turned into a female player hugging her knees not far away, the self-loathing vanished! Foot and kicked the silver metallic component into a pile of viscous fluid yet two years later had. Asuna nodded, then a man ’ s voice made him raise his hand! The chance to treat him existed, higa deeply regretted this strategy,.

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