The secreted digestive bacterium quickly multiplies and poisons, thus leading to the death of such pests. You want to insure the nematodes have a chance to get into the soil before the water is evaporated. They are a living insect so the longer you wait the less effective they will be (they can die if you wait too long). Nematodes kill grubs by invading their bodies and releasing a toxic bacterium. Nematodes are a microorganism that seek out and destroy a variety of soil borne pests, such as: grubs, fleas, ticks, Japanese beetle larvae, borers, cutworms, various types of weevils and even some soil borne aphids. Most of us who have owned a lawn are familiar with White Grubs. They are shipped in a powdery solution that mixes well in water. Avoid applying to over-saturated soil as nematodes will simply wash away and avoid applications when your soil temperature is below 10°C / 50°F if you’re using local, Canadian grown nematodes (15°C / 60°F for imported nematodes). When I had our condo lawns sprayed with nematodes years ago, each resident had to water their lawns for about 20 minutes for several days so that the nematodes … You’ll first need to mix nematodes in such water and gradually agitate. Question: What are white grubs and how do I know if I have them? For quick and effective control of Chafer Grubs in the lawn; No refrigeration required, may be sold straight from the shelf; Treats up to 100 m² Safe for children and … Beneficial nematodes come in different varieties. Your walking speed will also contribute to determining the mix rate of nematodes. I feel you! Most beneficial nematodes are effectively applied to grub-infested areas using water. Contains steinernema glaseri, the only nematode which is effective against mature spring grubs. Now is the perfect time to treat with nematodes to kill white grubs in preparation for next spring! There are two periods when grubs can be targeted by nematodes, in the spring  when soil temperatures are above 10°C (often early May to early June) and again in the fall before soil gets too cold (mid-late September to mid October). Not only do the grubs cause damage to turf and lawns, but adult beetles can also cause damage to a wide variety of plants. For grub control, a specific variety of these beneficial nematodes is used. This presents an infestation problem that needs to be tackled fast before your lawn gets ruined. no refrigeration required formula. Due to the nature of these beneficial organisms, it takes as much as 2 weeks after the initial application to begin to see visible results. Now, the mix rate will largely depend on water pressure differences. These biological nematodes carry a pathogen that is injected into its host that eventually multiply and kill it. Grubs getting you down? Nematodes are naturally-occurring multicellular and microscopic worms that prey on the grubs and larvae at various stages of development. If the area to be covered is quite large, you may want to apply about 250 million to 500 million beneficial nematodes which treat around 5 acres to 10 acres respectively. The brown patches they leave on your lawn are an eyesore that are just ugly. Hence it is considered unsuitable. They work to kill grubs at all life stages. Nematodes are a great natural way to get rid of grubs but they need water as they are living breathing organisms. ENTOMOPATHOGENIC NEMATODE (EPN) FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF ROOT GRUB IN ARECANUT of Leucopholisspecies complex includes areca, banana, coconut, tuber crops, cashew, rubber and coffee. This is a reliable and safe way to take back control of your lawn. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Use Nemassist® nematodes for the treatment of all species of destructive curl grubs/scarabs in lawns, garden beds, and potted plants. Required fields are marked *. Buglogical natural organic gardener's reference catalog provides solutions to pest problems, ladybugs, praying mantis, beneficial nematodes and beneficial insects. If you have an applicator which refills your jar as you spray mix a tea bag in with your nematode concentration. Treat and control your garden pests before they do damage. There are different kinds of nematodes for targeting different turf insects, but we carry the nematodes that go after grubs! White grubs are a very common insect pest. Nematodes hunt and feed on soil dwelling insects by entering their body, injecting them with lethal bacteria, and feeding from their insides. 99 Wilson® GrubOut® Nematodes White Grubs are best applied when lawn is wet, around rainy periods or after watering. Best practice is applying during both to get best coverage and protection! Now, for the application rate, it largely depends on the size of your lawn or garden. When they find their way in, they feed by excreting digestive bacteria. These are designed or engineered to achieve specific purposes and for different pest issues. Beneficial nematodes are small microscopic roundworms. The bacterium replicates and releases an endotoxin that kills the grub. The Lite Gardener will apply the nematodes using water. More often than not, you tend to get better results by sticking to such use instructions. “The most effective and natural way of getting rid of grubs is using beneficial nematodes,” says Harper. The benefits are clearly seen here as such nematodes help in resolving your grub infestation problems. Chemical pesticides cause a lot of damage to other beneficial bacteria and soil organisms. This will turn your concentration a tea colour and when the concentration is diluted clear you know you’ve run out of nematodes. 99 If possible, you should water your lawn or apply after a light rain for best penetration. These are microscopic and non-segmented roundworms that are useful in several pest control scenarios. It’s a good idea to apply your nematodes during low light periods (morning or evening are best). 4.4 out of 5 stars 44. In any case, different movement speeds will require specific mix rates. However, it’s best to refer to the use of instructions accompanying this product. 10 million beneficial nematodes will cover about 3,600 sq. The Nematodes are effective against grubs and the larval or grub stage of Japanese Beetles, Northern Masked Chafer, European Chafer, Rose Chafer, Fly larvae, Oriental Beetles, June Beetles, Flea beetles, Bill-bugs, Cut-worms, Army worms, Black Vine Weevils, Strawberry Root Weevils, Fungus Gnats, Sciarid larvae, Sod Web-worms, Girdler, Citrus Weevils, Maggots and other Dip-tera, Mole Crickets, Iris Borer, … Generally, this is during the spring and fall months. You can apply them using a watering can, sprayer and hose attachment or misting system. When it comes to the presence of grubs in your lawn or yard, they aren’t entirely bad as they help in aerating and loosening the soil. The most common beneficial nematodes are Heterorhabditis bacteriophora and Steinernema carpocapsae. Beneficial Nematodes are a naturally occurring microscopic worm found around the globe in soils. You’ll first need to mix nematodes in such water and gradually agitate. Packaged and shipped in sizes for lawn, garden and farm applications for control of soilborne pests. During those times the insects are in a life cycle where grubs are in the soil and can be targeted. To better understand what the coverage area is per treat, 5 million treats about 1,600 sq ft of lawn or infested area. Fight grubs naturally with beneficial nematodes, naturally occurring microscopic worms that prey on grubs. Such times include mornings and evenings. The acceptable number of grubs per square foot starts from 0 to 5. There is a great video that shows how to apply nematodes using a hose-end sprayer that is available at Heeman’s. Look for signs of an adult insect, such as leaf-notching. These are coded as the Sr and Hb varieties. Beneficial Nematodes are completely non toxic and control grubs naturally. The best time is in the fall when the grubs are smaller but the most common time is in the spring. Anything more than this requires urgent control strategies implemented. Your email address will not be published. Nematodes are super easy to use, require very little work and no sprays! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. You have the option of choosing what works best for your situation or what serves your needs best. That will cover an area between 2000-3000 square feet (based on a heavy or light application rate). Chafer Grub Killer Nematodes Use Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer to deal with a chafer grub infestation, without any of the precautions associated with chemical use, such as excluding children and pets from treated areas until dry or the question of what to do about grazing pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. The two chemicals usually considered as curative treatments for grubs are carbaryl and trichlorfon. The nematodes are neutralized by exposure to strong sunlight, so they must be applied in heavily overcast or rainy conditions; at dusk or during rainfall is an ideal time. You get a whopping 10 million nematodes in an individual package. These two products are probably your best bet if you have a serious grub problem during fall and spring. Grubs and Nematodes The Who, What, Where, When and How? Temperatures beyond this range do not favor their activity. Most beneficial nematodes are effectively applied to grub-infested areas using water. Your email address will not be published. They can be used to control a broad range of soil-inhabiting insects and above-ground insects in their soil-inhabiting stage of life. Be sure to keep your nematodes in the fridge (but not frozen) and apply as soon as possible for best results. The use of beneficial nematodes for grub control has proven very useful over the years. Now, there are several ways by which such water can be applied. During this time, soil temperatures range from 42 degrees F to 95 degrees F. These are known to be tolerable for beneficial nematode activity. You simply shake them up in water and apply them to your lawn. It is very important that you mix and apply your nematodes quickly so they don’t ‘expire’ in the can. An enemy of my enemy is my friend! Time applications around rainy periods or water lawn prior to application. Nematodes are soil-dwelling predators. With the Amazon's Choice for "Nematodes for Grubs" Safer's 17-2110CAN Safer's 17-2110CAN BTK Caterpillar Killer 100mL Concentrate. Beneficial nematodes seek out and kill all stages of harmful soil-dwelling insects. Different water application equipment has varying pressures. First, there’s an application frequency which is then followed by the application rate. These white ‘c’ shaped creatures are destructive lawn pests that chew the roots of grass plants causing large irregular brown patches. This article focuses on one of such options available to you; the use of beneficial nematodes for grub control. The toxin usually kills the host insect within a day or two. Lastly, always read the expiry date and apply before they go bad because dead nematodes don’t work and it’s very hard to see if they are alive or not. Peak population is observed during September to February which causes damage to arecanut as well as intercrops grown in arecanut based cropping system. Do not use nematodes at are past their expiration date. For any lawn enthusiast the white grub is public enemy #1! Nematodes are microscopic worms that will kill the grubs. Grub problems in lawns can be solved in many ways. As earlier stated, you’ll need to refer to the use of instruction of beneficial nematodes. If you want a faster solution, you can use a grub killer. The Nematodes are effective against grubs and the larval or grub stage of Japanese Beetles, Northern Masked Chafer, European Chafer, Rose Chafer, Fly larvae, Oriental Beetles, June Beetles, Flea beetles, Bill-bugs, Cut-worms, Army worms, Black Vine Weevils, Strawberry Root Weevils, Fungus Gnats, Sciarid larvae, Sod Web-worms, Girdler, Citrus Weevils, Maggots and other Dip-tera, Mole Crickets, Iris Borer, … For an individual grub, a nematode can kill the organism in 24 to 48 hours. Because larvae feed on plant roots, beneath the soil surface, severe damage can be done before realizing there is a problem. Nematodes for White Grub Control Rutgers University scientists investigate soil effects on nematode suppression of white grubs. Beneficial nematodes are used for organic pest control of a wide variety of pest insects including fleas, grubs, beetles, thrips, webworms, fungus gnats and more. These range from the use of hose-end sprayers, sprinklers, or pump sprayers, etc. 20 Million Beneficial Nematodes (H.bacteriophora) - Nema Globe Grub Buster for Pest Control - New "No Refrigeration Required" Formula 4.1 out of 5 stars 151 $29.99 $ 29 . What more? Great for Lawns, Gardens, Greenhouses and Commercial Applications! To understand how beneficial nematodes help in grub control, it’s necessary to first explain what they are. We struggled with pesky white grubs in our soil for years. About six months ago, we treated our raised bed garden soil with beneficial nematodes in high hopes to get rid of the grubs. Using a hose end sprayer applicator will be applying nematodes very easy, just mix a concentration, fill your applicator and spray out nematodes until the jar is empty. This doesn’t mean such varieties won’t be effective of select pests. To properly use beneficial nematodes for grub control, you’ll need to know the application rate or volume to be applied. Proven by CSIRO to be the safest and most effective way of controlling these grubs. For beneficial nematodes, it’s best to apply when soil temperatures moderate. Helps prevent secondary mole damage in lawn and garden areas. Using beneficial nematodes to eradicate a grub infestation will take a bit longer. They are often applied to moist dirt/soil to control caterpillars or grubs. We’ve gone the extra steps to show you what this is all about and how to apply this environmentally-friendly treatment to your lawn to save it from further damage. When released, beneficial nematodes find their way through all available openings including the body walls. How Are Beneficial Nematodes Applied For Grub Control? During the application, you may be walking fast or slow. Safe for people and pets to use treated area immediately after use, bee and beneficial safe. However, the problem arises when there’s an upward shoot in the grub population. Now, there are several ways by which such water can be applied. There are beneficial nematodes for specific pest issues such as for iris borer control, large pine weevil, German roach, fruit flies, gall midge, flea beetle, and fungus gnat control just to mention a few. It only means grubs can also be controlled using them. Nematodes are not selective and therefore attack a wide range of over 250 different root zones pests. They are parasitic to a variety of pests including grubs and several other insects. Other pests issues that can be treated using the Sr and Hb beneficial nematode varieties include Japanese beetles, May/June beetles, and the Citrus root weevil. If you’re fascinated by the use of natural methods for grub control, this read on nematodes for lawn should be interesting. CDN$ 11.98 CDN$ 11. Nematodes prefer a moist environment. 98. Certain times are best to apply grub control. The number of beneficial nematodes you buy will depend on the size of your yard or garden. Mark Cullen demonstrates how to manage grubs in your lawn using environmentally friendly nematodes. Although grubs are killed in the process, it doesn’t provide a clean job. FREE Delivery on your first order of items shipped by Amazon. That’s not even the full list and you can already start … naturally occurring microscopic worm found around the globe in soils These range from the use of hose-end sprayers, sprinklers, or pump sprayers, etc. This is a long-term solution though and can take up to 3 years to fully control your infestation. When to Apply Beneficial Nematodes for Natural Grub Control The best time to apply beneficial nematodes for natural grub control is the early fall or late summer (August - October). This should continue until such infestation subsides. When dealing with a grub infestation, beneficial nematodes should be applied every 7 to 10 days. As they feed on pests, they increase in number and find more hosts (in this case grubs) to feed on. That is, until we found an easy and organic way to kill grubs in garden soil – which is what I want to share with you today. They are harmless to pets, cats, people, plants and anything except grubs. The stress on your lawn initially observed before the application begins to disappear with greener lawns resulting after this time period. Nematodes are recommended for use whenever larvae or grubs are present. They hunt for and prey on the different kinds of insects. This is a good question. Don’t chance it, deal with them right away. Plus, a healthy lawn will support a limited grub population. Certain times are best to apply grub control. One of the first things people ask about beneficial nematodes is how soon after applications do results begin to show. Get it by Saturday, Oct 3. When you apply in the afternoons when temperatures are quite high, beneficial nematodes won’t parasitize on grub. The nematodes enter the grubs through the spiracles, mouth and anus and release a fungus which then consumes the grubs. These offer a better guide on how to go about the application process. Refill applicator until all your concentrated nematode solution has been applied. (aka white grub, C grub, curl grub, scarab larvae, cockchafer larvae). Nematodes are small, parasitic worms that will invade grubs and kill them. To complete the lifecycle, they also lay their offspring in the dead grub (or other pest). You can watch this video here. 20 Million Beneficial Nematodes (H.bacteriophora) - Nema Globe Grub Buster for Pest Control - New "No Refrigeration Required" Formula 4.1 out of 5 stars 155 $29.99 $ 29 . When it comes to environmental safety concerns, the use of nematodes is listed among the top grub treatment measures. Nematodes are packaged with diatomaceous earth (which is mostly silica), water, and potassium sorbate. Grub-Away Nematodes also control: White Grubs, Banana Moth Larvae, Bill Bugs, Black Vine Weevils, Citrus Root Weevils, Grape Root Borers, Small Hive Beetles and Sod Webworms. (Grub-Away Nematodes are best suited for pests in bold.) ft while 50 million nematodes will treat about an acre. BY ALBRECHT M. KOPPENHOFER AND EUGENE M. FUZY At present, synthetic insecticides are stillthe primary means of controlling white grubs. STEP 2: MIX IN NEMATODES Remove sprayer lid, open plastic bag and place unopened pouches into sprayer.

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