In late 2017, the Tripartite Standard on Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) was launched by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower. Overview . The Ministry of Manpower, National Trades Union Congress, and the Singapore National Employers Federation jointly released on 6 October 2017 new Tripartite Standards on Flexible Work Arrangements … The course would also address some employment legislations to note when implementing FWAs, and introduce the new Tripartite Standard on Flexible Work Arrangements. Types of Flexible Work Arrangements: Job sharing: The first type of flexible working arrangement is called job sharing. SINGAPORE - Singapore workers will be offered more flexi-work options, like choosing when to start and finish work, under a new scheme … Generally, a flexible work arrangement is any sort of work arrangement which requires a deviation from the employee's usual working hours, place of work … Last year, 72 per cent of employees worked in companies that offer at least one such arrangement, such as part-time work, flexible hours or tele … Types of flexible work arrangements. FWA refer to work arrangements where employers and employees agree to a variation from the usual work arrangement. Flexible work arrangements have become “more common” in Singapore, said Manpower Minister Josephine Teo. The new agreement will help make all flexible work arrangements that a company offers, transparent and easy to access to employees. This course aims to provide a clear understanding of the different types of FWAs, how to roll out FWAs in the company effectively and the challenges faced when implementing the FWAs. Flexible work arrangements (FWAs) can come in many forms, including telecommuting, compressed workweeks and flex-ible scheduling that allows … Those employers who adopt this new standard will, “inform their employees of the different types of flexible work arrangements … Work-Life Grant provides companies funding support to implement and sustain flexible work arrangements (FWAs) for all employees, to create work-life harmony at the workplace. The minister was responding to a parliamentary question on the average number of employers offering flexi-work, as well as how Singapore … There is no legal definition of "flexible work arrangement" in Singapore nor any legal guidance on what sorts of arrangements comprise this category. Job sharing also consists of having flexible … It consists of sharing all duties and responsibilities at one go between two people. Flexibility can be applied to different aspects of work, such as timing/duration, location and scope. 30 October, 2017 . The types … 6 types of flexible work arrangements for work-life balance A HR expert and career coach tell us what special work arrangements are available, … ... Any company registered or incorporated in Singapore …

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