Maybe gleeful was too strong, you do seem to embrace it though. JR-No its OK, you have already said everything I wanted you to.,,,, Bait Careers at Stimson See what we have to offer. When the timberland tax incentive that required public access was negotiated out in Olympia 10 years ago, a guy had to know this was coming. Well this bites! Jorgensen Timber LLC is a privately held company, located in Western Washington. Instead of a 5 mile hike it will be 10 if weyco locks up longviews old property. Longview Timber LLC owns and manages approximately 644,900 acres of timberlands in the U.S. Pacific Northwest composed primarily of softwoods. For all counties east of the Cascade Mountains, the ban will remain in effect through midnight tonight. You can cancel at any time. Any change will be bad as I am looking forward to this season. You cleared it up for me, I am glad you don't want to pay to hunt. They will own a strip of timber about 500 yards wide and gate both sides of it. Don't know how you got gleeful out of this. It also marked the first time since June 23 (1.03 inch) that Longview received more than a half inch of rain in a day. google_override_format = true; Hancock expects to open hunting access gates Wednesday if rain continues as forecast. Anything else I can clear up for you this evening? ACCESS INFORMATION . More importantly however, is a direct threat from the logging company that if the closure violations continue, they will permanently close off access to their land currently open for public use. Browse our Longview, TX land for sale listings, view photos and contact an agent today! I would prefer not to have my town burnt down. REITs. Weyerhaeuser land will be open for some motorized access this weekend, the company announced Monday.

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